Why? The Big Question!

Why is the biggest and best question you will ever ask yourself. It can be the difference between health or disease, wealth or poverty, success or failure.

Why do you do the thing’s you do?…Why?????

The Answer is… I Don’t Know!

I don’t know why you do the things you do. I don’t know how you motivate yourself. I don’t know what turn’s you on. I don’t know where you are in your life,I don’t know you goal’s and dream’s, I don’t know who you are. I don’t know You!

Only you can answer that question, only you know your why, why you get up in the morning, why you want more from life,  why you do the thing’s you do, only you know what motivates, only you know what turn’s you on, only you know what your goal’s and dream’s are, Only you can answer the big question’s in your life.

My Why is Simple…Success

Success in all area’s in my life. Physical Emotional Financial and Spiritual.

What? the next big question.

What  is Success to You?

As stated before I don’t know!

To me success represent’s freedom. Yes the freedom to do what I want, go where I want to when I want, with whoever I want namely my Family and Friends.

Although I do enjoy a level of success from my business, my obligation’s to my  clients restrict or limit my freedom, I am still trading my time for money and as we all know time is a limited resource… a precious resource, we can alway’s make money… but once time is spent it’s gone…gone forever.

This is Why I have jumped online and started this blogging thing, while at the same time building my online presence. I prefer reading and  writing and WP is a perfect platform for me.

I’m not very photogenic or keen in front of a camera or going live on FB Instagram or Youtube, this is why the WordPress platform is perfect for me, why I have chosen to use this platform on my online journey of self expression self discovery and self improvement.

Yes I am a newbie to the blogging and online community, and after reading everyone else’s bloggs I got a bit overwhelmed and haven’t posted for a while, but then I thought “stuff it” what have I got to lose? nothing, what have I got to gain everything so I thought the more I do this the better I will get over time (hopefully:)


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