Why is it so hard to lose weight?

One reason it is so hard to lose weight today is the information overload. We get so overwhelmed by the latest scientific info,that many suffer from paralysis of analysis and end up doing nada.

On top of that we have become lazy society, back in the day if you don't work, you don't eat! You were either out hunting for dinner or out in your garden, all natural forms of exercise and it was bloody hard work!

The times we live in and the convenience of the society we live in, plays a huge role in why there are so many overweight people today.

Obesity and diabetes is a modern day epidemic!  

We often blame ourselves our genes the foods we eat and not our environment and other factors.

Health is becoming increasingly beyond our reach and obesity is becoming the path of least resistance.

Research shows that your risk of being overweight or obese can depending on where you live, the layout of the community you live in and the lack of parks, walkways play areas, the lack of nature, greenery, fresh air.

When was the last time you went for a walk in nature, enjoyed the fresh air, soaked up the sun, walked on the beach, played with your kids, without having to jump in you car?

We are fortunate here in New Zealand the majority have access to all of the above.

Unfortunately in today's ever expanding world there is an urgent need for more accommodation, the problem that we see today is poor urban planning and this is another contributing factor. 

It's all about maximising land mass to accommodate the growing need for people and maximum return on investment for developers and others...  

But the health and wellness factor is not incorporated into the urban expansion and this has direct influence on the local communities health long term.

Another factor is the cost of living, its friggin expensive to eat healthy and unless you have your own garden, fresh foods is hard to find anywhere.

It's actually cheaper and more convenient to eat junk / fast food...and this is another reason why obesity is such a huge problem today.

On top of all of this we have to content with fast food giants advertising genius!

Targeted Advertising

We are constantly bombarded with cleverly designed advertising that is designed to appeal to our two strongest senses our eyes and our stomach.

Companies spend millions on market research each year to improve their  advertising because they know it works.

They know how to seduce us and plant suggestive impression into the our minds and the minds of our youth.

They know what ads work, when to play their ads, and the demographics of their target audience.

Many of these companies are advertise during kids programs subtly brainwashing our children and most of it is junk...looks good, taste good, but still junk.

However if we teach our children healthy eating habits while they are young we can reduce their chances of becoming overweight adults.

The same studies show that only 5% of  healthy weight kids will become overweight, compare to a whooping  70% of overweight kids that will become overweight adults.

And when you really think about all these scientific studies and the the facts and info available today, what does you gut tell you? It makes sense!

We are becoming more overweight partly because of poor urban planning and rise of fast food giants and their ads that target our children and we are lazy!

I'm lazy, I admit it, you know what's keeps me exercising and trying to eat right today?

I'm vain...a few years ago I was at gather with old friends, mates I haven't seen for 10 years plus it was good catching up with the boys and their wives, all exchanging pleasantries...next minute "bro your fat"

I made some lame ass comment and laughed it of...but it hurt my pride, my ego, my vanity. I'd always the the skinny brother from another mother, that's what sparked my journey of self-discovery and self improvement.

Now I get comments like...bro you looking good have you lost weight...and that a real confidence booster and all the motivation I need.

Being physically active for a minimum of 30 minutes a day will make a difference to your health and well being.

Also eating the right foods at the right time will also help.

Why is it so hard to keep the weight off?

According to Professor Joseph Proietto from Melbourne Australia,  who runs a weight control clinic that is tackling the cause obesity problem.

It's his research that has open my mind to why it is so hard to keep the weight off after losing it, he reveals that it's our biology, our hormones that cause us to regain weight as soon as we lose it.

What happens when we lose the weight our hunger hormone increases and the hunger suppressing hormones decrease. 

In 2011 he discovered that these hormones levels say there permanently even after 6 years!...Wow that's crazy right...6 years later? 

He says that even years after losing weight your biology keeps trying to get you back to your previous weight, the weight you lost...your set point

It's called the famine response 

After sustained weight loss hormones are release urging us to eat more so the cycle repeats its a never ending cycle.

So once you have a better understand the what's happening with your body and what causes it, you have a better understanding that bigger people have bigger appetites and are more hungrier than leaner people.

Our appetites are regulated by our hormones that send signals from our stomach fat and pancreas to the hypothalamus a part of our brain controlling our hunger.

Professor Proietto suggests that this part of our brain the hypothalamus is wired to make us look for food all the time.

No wonder it's Sooo hard to keep weight off after losing it, not only are we fighting our subconscious programming, we also have a battle with our biological makeup...damn!

Next time you look in the mirror after trying so hard and doing the right thing... remember now you know there is a scientific reason why the battle of the bulge is so hard for you and millions of people world wide.

So to break it down his research shows that 90% - 95% of us fail to keep weight of because of our hormones!

The thing is it can be done you can lose the weight and keep it off, it's like any personal development you have to do it everyday a lifestyle change.

The secret is...there is no secret.

It takes hard work...good eating habits... regular exercise...and persistence.

Have a Great Day...Marty

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