What The Health?

​​​​​What the Hellth?

Why are we and our loved ones suffering unnecessarily from diabetes, heart disease and other health related problems?

Why is this global epidemic on the rise? 

Why are our loved ones going to the gave so early?

Well I was talking to a couple of friends the other day, they had recently gone vegan ( all plant diet which I thought was nuts at the time ), I was telling them I doing all the right things…watching what I eat (diet) exercising regular (2-3 times a week + walking) getting heaps of sleep, but I am lacking energy. 

They started to tell me the benefits and the energy boost they have experienced since the lifestyle change from meat to vegan and why they change.

They told me about this program on Netflix called What the Health​, so after they left I watched it.


If You haven’t seen it yet…aweee, I could believe this Sh@t.

It has put me off meat and chicken for life, I tried showing my children but they couldn’t handle it either, what the…

Look>>> GO WATCH IT NOW!!!>>>What the Health on Netflix

This is why we are losing loved ones unnecessarily so early and so many, why it is a global epidemic unique to (O.M.E) Our Modern Era it is a modern disease.

What we are eating is killing us, if you love conspiracy theories you’ll love this.

It is a matter of Life and Death…, Your life… Your death… Your Families life…it Your Responsibility educate yourself.

This program shooked me to the core, I love my meats and chicken and I know its gonna take time to make the change, but I’m worth it… my family is worth… You are worth it!

Please…please… pretty please check it out.

Warning…not for the faint of heart…do not watch while eating…watch it before you show your children…it pretty gross in some areas but pact full of info that blew me away.

I haven’t quoted any facts or figures or organization or anything so that you will go and check it out for yourself…you check it out…you decide.

“The decisions we make ultimately determine our destiny”Tony Robbins

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