Let Take a Journey Back in Time to Your Imagination

Remember when you were a child and your imagination was alive, exciting, vibrant and limitless?

The possibilities were endless you could travel to the stars in a cardboard box,

A simple cardboard box could become anything you could possibly imagine, a racing car, the starship enterprise, a castle, anything!

You could build castles in the sky, touch the stars, hold the moon in your hand.

What happen? Is your imagination broken? Is it something reserved only for the mind of a child?

No! We became adults and in the pursuit of happiness we make our lives harder than it has to be, more complicated and at times overwhelming.

And through the harsh realities of life, we lose faith in ourselves, our hopes begin to fade, our beliefs become frazzled, and our dreams get stored away and we stopped using our powerful gift.

Our negative environment, upbringing and life experiences have crushed our creative ability to dream and the spirits of your inner child, the dreamer within sits quietly in the corner of your mind waiting for your permission to come out and play.

What was once so easy, and fun, real, and alive in the mind of our once youthful imagination became pipe dreams, a delusional reality reserved only for the dreamers of the world.

Where do your dreams go?

In the graveyard of the human soul that has lost all hope and has given up the power to dream.

I like what Dan Lok said in his book FUMoney…

“When you are born you are delivered by a broke nurse, passed into the hands of your broke parents (unless your Hilton or a Trump) educated by broke teachers, go to Uni and taught by broke professors blah blah blah…”

No wonder our imagination become broken, defunct, out to lunch...

I know that's not what he meant, but when you think about it...it's true.

Dare to Dream.

Stop... look around...what do you see?

Everything you see today...everything... began as an idea, and this idea gave birth to a dream.

Dreamers are the architects of the world...

"I have a Dream"...MLK

"We Will put a man on the moon"...JFK

"It's a phone, plays music, it's a camera"...Jobs

From Edison to Bell..Marconi to Tesla.. Walt Disney to Bugsy Malone.. Gates to Jobs and Zuckerberg to Bezos.. all achieve greatness by doing what they were told couldn't be done...because they dared to dream, and dream big!

Look at what Elon Musk and Sir Richard Branson, are up to! #badass

Not only were the past and present Giants dreams, but they dreamt BIG  they  have a stubborn belief in their abilities to make their dreams happen and they are obsessed!

What dreams have you buried?...What ideas are you selfishly keeping to yourself?

What fears are you allowing to control you? What is holding you back from allowing your brilliance to shine? What is stopping you from achieving your greatness?

Do you realize that by allowing your creative genius to shine, and tapping into your personal power you could change people's lives.

Your vision... your dream...your voice can impact the world, even if you just touch one person life...

Imagine the difference you can make?

Begin today!

Remember daydreaming as a child, we all do it even as adults, but we tend to daydream about the end of the work day, the weekend, that next holiday...

When you decide to start using it properly, you may remember how much fun it can be, and how powerful your imagination is and hopefully you will begin to understand that...  

There is no greater tool available to you that can influence the realization of your vision your dreams and your unique voice , and when you combine this with empowering self-talk...

Boom..anything you can imagine is possible, and with the right internal conversation and the right actions...imagine the possibilities!

The active conscious use of your imagination is the gateway of your new reality, it is a  way to fuel your desire, a portal to the reality you hold in your heart.

It is something in you... a burning desire...an obsession, and you wouldn't feel this if it wasn't possible, it's apart of you and only you can give birth to it...only you! 

Once you understand how powerful your imagination is hopefully you will realize that there is no greater tool available to you that can directly influence the realization of your dreams.

With your imagination you can visualize a better future, better health and more wealth, whatever your heart's desire.

"The imagination is the divine vision of the future"...Neville Goddard 

"The imagination is the preview of what's to come"...Einstein.

“It’s Possible”..."there is greatness in you"... Les Brown.

Imagine what you could achieve if only you would believe..and t all begins with you...

Have a Orsum day...Marty

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