What is The Fat Deciminator System

The Fat Decimator System

At a time when more and more people in the western world are suffering from health issues and where obesity is on the rise, many find it difficult to locate accurate information that brings true results.

The fitness and weight loss industry in the U.S. alone generates more than $70 billion in annual revenue – yet more and more Americans suffer from chronic weight gain, poor health and poor diet.

There’s so much out there that’s myth, We’re constantly being bombarded with tons of information… and most of it is at best ineffective and at worst downright counterproductive and even dangerous.

Part of the problem is that much of what’s considered “common knowledge” when it comes to weight loss is rooted not in science but in myth.

Countless studies have shown that excessive cardio, the lack of salt, eating certain vegetables thought to be healthy and even cutting out carbs is actually counterproductive to the body’s natural fat burning processes.

Who is Kyler Cooper

Kyle Cooper, former marine Gunnery Sergeant and certified trainer  was responsible for training men and women for over a decade and was also tasked with training a group of middle aged men who were called up to fight in the war.

Kyle Cooper was responsible for training men and women for over a decade, he quickly found that his routines – heavy cardio, limited diet and so on were having little or no effect on the people he was trying to help. .

When a booby trapped cave cost him the life of one of his friends a National Guard Soldier who’s physical conditioning wasn’t good enough to get him free of danger, he took it very hard and began to question everything he thought he knew about fitness and diet.

Kyle tells a story of how a Korean medical student worked with him after he nearly died in Afghanistan looking for Osama Bin Laden. This medical student now doctor, Samuel Pak, told Kyle that much of the western notions of fitness and weight loss were actually ineffective and even dangerous.

“Doctor Sam Pak introduced me to some amazing research based on ancient eastern traditions that have made the Asian world one of the healthiest and they lived longer than most others through out the world,” Kyle continues, “much of what Sam showed me flew in the face of western convention… but it was backed by independent clinical research so… I tried it out. And it worked better than I could have thought possible.”

When he teamed up with Doctor Sam Pak, Kyle was introduced to a revolutionary way of helping others lose weight, improve their health and their fitness as well.


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Kyle Cooper, is pleased to announce the global release of his innovative weight loss program known as The Fat Decimator.

There is a condition known as metabolic acidosis. 

This is a condition in which the human body cannot rid itself of food acids and fights back by creating and storing fat as a defense against these acids. During metabolic acidosis, there is nothing a person can do to lose weight no matter how hard they try, because the body is literally fighting for its very survival.

Hundreds of clinical studies have shown that metabolic acidosis is responsible for why more than 93.6% of people are unable to significantly reduce their weight. Fortunately, however, the science also indicates how to stop this process and to reverse it.

 “How to prevent metabolic acidosis is the very core of what Sam and I created,” Kyle notes, “Fat Decimator is a simple program that works with the body’s natural processes rather than against them.

I’ve made it my life’s mission to share this strategy and I’m humbled to know that more than 50,000 people have used it to totally transform their bodies and their lives forever.”

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