Self Image

The source all motivation doesn’t come from discipline, will-power, or a well-planned routine it comes from our self-image, how we see our selves.

Your self-image is how you see yourself in your mind’s eye, it is so deeply embedded into your psyche it is you, your identity, your personality, it is who you truly believe you are.

It is not the reflection you see in the mirrored each day or the person your friends and family believe you to be. It is the perceived reality created by default by life experiences conditioned by circumstances beyond control. Our ups and downs pleasures and pains happy memories of blissful moments joy-filled days painful memories successes and failures.

We are products of our environment, we have been conditioned to believe what we believe today about religion education health wealth our self and everything else, but we don’t have to accept our conditioning we can reprogram our self!  

The question is how do you see yourself? What kind of self-image do you have? Is it a healthy image? or a negative outdated version of yourself?

One way to determine how you see yourself is to look at the results you are constantly getting in your life…your relationships… health… finances… career…business? How well is your business doing? Do you have a job or multiple jobs and if so what is your position? …all these are a clear indication of how you truly see yourself and how you really feel about yourself… an external reflection of how you see yourself internal.

This is why as you attempt to change anything in your life be it your health… wealth… relationships… income… career, whatever it is, you are trying to change something outside instead of getting to source of the issue by trying to change or correct something in your mind, a long-held limiting belief deeply embedded in the psyche that stops you from achieving lasting change.

You attempt to change your external reality without first addressing the internal struggle within you. Your old self-image and limiting beliefs, hold you imprisoned in your own mind stuck in your present identity which is an outdated self-image of your old personality and beliefs, which no longer serve you.

The good news is You can change it. Like anything new, we learn it takes time an real effort to effect lasting change. In the past, you would have to buy a course go to a seminar, now you can get everything online…Youtube Google and other platforms have everything you need to get started and its free. 

Your Past Does Not Equal Your Future…Tony Robbins

Most people have goals that are larger than their self-image… that is why most people, don’t reach their goals because they fail to change, expand or alter their self-image to match their goals…so the sub-conscience mind compensates and begins to self-sabotage any progress you have made and you start doing stupid things, lose your motivation and end up back where you believe you deserve to be.

The strongest force in our sub-conscience mind is the need to be consistent with how we see our selves. So the image of how we see our selves affect every area of our lives, our health wealth happiness successes failures yes everything.

When someone tries to lose weight without first altering, expanding or changing their self-image the change is only temporary… that’s what makes you fat, you see yourself as a fat person, so you continue to act in harmony with how you see yourself in your sub-conscience, so until you change your self-image no diet or exercise regime will ever have a lasting effect.

We are prisoners of our own self-image, we all act consistently with who we believe we are on a sub-conscience level…Change how you see yourself and change your life.

Get a checkup from the neck up…Zig Ziglar.





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