What is Personal Development?

First of all its personal you own it, second you are developing something inside you that already exists...transforming a certain area in your life, an area you want to change improve or growing, while becoming a better at person on the way.

It means investing Your time and Your energy into Your life!

You have come to a point in your life when you are no longer satisfied... you've had it...that's it I'm over this crap...I'm Going To Change...I Want To Change...I Will Change!!!

If it's to be it's up to ME!!!

It means that you are ready to take responsibility for your life, own it!

You are ready to be responsible for your own Health Wealth and Happiness.

It means you’re ready to take charge of your life be proactive and take action! instead of being a spectator on the sideline watching your life pass you by. 

Contrary to popular belief you only get one shot at life (my opinion) , why risk or waste it like the masses who leave it up to chance like the ebbs and flow of the stream, or the go with the flow mentality on the seas of life like a ship without a rudder or a destination eventually you will end up shipwrecked on the rocks of life stranded on a deserted island wondering what the hell went wrong?

You Make The Decision  

You must decide to design your own life, creating your own destiny, walking your own path.

"It's the decision we make that determine your destiny" Tony Robbins

You want to create a plan unique to you... you know yourself better than anyone else.

Start a journal or create a checklist to help you keep track of your progress.

Here’s an sample checklist:

Health—what changes do you need to make?

Mental –what can you do to increase your knowledge/ intelligence?

Emotions—how to reduce stress and manage emotional states?

Spiritual—consider meditation or your own spiritual journey

Financial--how much do you need to be set for life?

So, after you’ve done this create a plan and maybe a checklist.

Be specific, set small goals, set deadlines, be flexible 

Like anything new it takes earnest effort... persistence... resilience to effect lasting change, and heaps of research teaches us that it takes 21 day to install a new habit...so learn something new...have fun while doing it and play to win... and Never Give Up!

Study at The Feet of a Master.

We all need help, no matter want you want to achieve, and the best way is to ask.

When Bruce Lee ( one of the best martial artist ever ) was young he studied at the feet of at The Master (Ipman), not just any teacher someone who had mastered the art over years of practise... practise... practise. Then when he meet with defeat he study other masters or other masters styles and techniques, he wanted to simplify the martial arts combine the best of all and get rid of complicate forms that served no real purpose it a real fight.

The key is to keep it simple... have fun... enjoy what you are learning... apply what you learn and play to win.

Million of people today study at the feet of the Master of personal change...

Tony Robbins... Tony is the man (my opinion) many successful people still consult with him today...Why?... because he's a Master in this arena.

Tony has technologies and techniques that can change a person in an instant... he defied conventional NLP practitioners from day one and has decades of proof under his belt...love him or hate there's no denying he know his stuff. 

Even Tony had a Master he studied under Jim Rohn, yes every Master has a Master..

We have had so many Masters over the centuries... Napoleon Hill (the original)..Dale Carnegie...W Clement Stone... Og Mandino...Modern day Masters such as...Zig Ziglar..Bob Proctor..Les Brown(I love Les his laugh...) and New age Masters such as...Oprah...Ellen...Lisa Nichols...Molly Fletcher...Jay Shetty the list goes on, find someone that resonates with you, some you have that connection with, someone you like and get to work. 

Personal development or growth is an ongoing process its continuous never stops, you can never know everything, so the more you learn the more you grow.

You are the Master of Your Destiny!!!

What are the benefits? 

Once you develop a routine and integrate into your life you may experience :

A Life with More Meaning and Purpose

A Sense of Accomplishment

A Happier / Healthier You

An Attitude of Gratitude 

More Self-confidence

More Self-belief

A More Focused Life

A More Balanced Life

More Possibilities 

And Peace of Mind

There are so many more positive advantages of developing you...you will notice these these changes in yourself after you start your journey down the road to personal development.

Remember..Invest in yourself, its time well spent!

Have a Great Day...Peace.

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