Life is About Living

Most of us go through life thinking we have all the time in the world…we think I’ll do it tomorrow…Ill catch up with my family tomorrow, I’ll visit my friend tomorrow, I’ll tell my children I love them tomorrow…

What if something drastic happens, something unthinkable, what then?

I was meant to go fishing with a friend a while ago, I was busy so I put it off… “next time bro sweet”... the very next week he passed away, I’ll never see my friend again…man if only…

I have been to quite a few funnels this year, and have lost quite a few family and friends…

I was talking to a friend asking how one of our mates was…to my shock he passed way 10 years ago, this dude was fit as…a real health nut Mr Oceania… ate right, worked out every day did all the right stuff…Wow I was blown away.

As I was walking around the cemetery on the way to visit my Father (whom I miss very much)… I couldn’t believe the amount of people I knew that had passed on.

The funeral I was at, was my friend who had lost his Mother…2 weeks later he lost his Dad, it was heartbreaking.

It's hard to put into words the pain and anguish the deep despair you feel when you lose someone you love it leave a hole in your heart forever…

The same month another dear friend lost her son…

Every parents worst nightmare…

I couldn’t possibly imagine the pain and anguish she suffers every day…my heart goes out you my friend.

They say time heals the pain…rubbish absolute rubbish.

Time helps you cope with the pain, but it that pain remains forever.

On that day I realized…my problems aren’t that bad, it changed my view on things… about my life.

I was worried about my computer cashing, my phone freezing, my washing machine blowing up, my car playing up…

Now realize that stuff ain’t even important. I have my health my Mother is still with us, my children are healthy my sisters are well my friends are awesome and so much more.  

Life is about living…being with the ones you love…taking time just to hang out smell the roses, enjoy it while you still can living for the day!

At times we forget to appreciating the little things, giving thanks for our blessings, being grateful for those we love and those who love us.

I am practicing the art of appreciating of the little things, walking up in the morning for one thing, my family my friends this wonderful country we live in.

I am thankful for the life that I have. The things I tend to take for granted.

We have got to begin to learn to be thankful for the little things, and start living and enjoying life Now.

Don’t waste another moment go and tell some you love… you love them, give them a hug send them a text, write them a letter do something before it to late.

God bless, and may you have a wonderful life.

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