Intermittent Fasting

What is Intermittent Fasting

Well the first I heard about this is when after a conversation with a couple who have been doing this for a while, the same couple that told me about that program on Netflix…What the Health (ewww).

I told them I’d been doing the  lifestyle change thing too.

The Diet ( what I thought were the right foods )

The Exercise (3-5 times a week)

The Right Amount of Sleep (I’m insomniac which is a challenge)

The Motivation (Reading motivational stuff and maintaining a positive mental attitude)

The Visualisation and Meditation…

But I was still lacking energy…Why?

They explained that it’s not just what you eat that’s important… it’s when you eat that actually affect your bodies ability to function properly.

You don’t have to change what you eat, (unless you have watched What The Health on netflix) but its the time you are eating that makes all the difference. You don’t have to count calories or going crazy on the latest diet. Intermittent fasting even allows you to eat bigger meals but within a shorter time frame.

Really?… fascinating…interesting…tell me more, so I asked them heaps of question.

Basically there’s three 8 hour periods…One for Detoxification, One for Digestion and One for Nutrition Assimilation.

Eating only during the digestion period is the key.

So after a bit of research this is what I found, that for thousands of years different cultures have only eaten at specific times of the day for optimal health, which is known as… Intermittent fasting.

This is also one of the latest crazes amongst bodybuilders and athletes at the moment, because it allows you to lose a lot of fat whilst keeping strong because it’s a process that allows you to maintain or even build muscle.

Wow that’s crazy right… building muscle while fasting really? the losing weight make sense… but the building muscle and keeping strong? hmm interesting…

The Three Period of Intermittent Fasting

Fasting Period 1 – Detoxification: 4am to 12 noon

This is the best time for your body to be in detox mode.

It is recommended that during this period stick to drinking water. I recommend Kangen Water it the best.

Fasting Period 2 – Digestion: 12 noon to 8pm

This period is suggested to be the best time for our body to break down the foods we eat preparing it for absorption.

Fasting Period 3 – Absorption: 8pm to 4am

This is when the digestive system wants to absorb vital nutrients into your body.

We are a complex biological system, (which I will not be getting it) and in order to look after our bodies long term we need to understand how it works…when it works… and how to work in harmony with our body to improve our health and extent our longevity.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, for a more indepth look into to benefits of intermittent fasting… check out the link below, and if you do it was nice knowing yah haha this dude is awesome…

>>>Checkout this dude right here…it’s not an affiliate link its a must see…

>>>If your still reading check his video in youtube right here

Thanks for reading …have a great day…Peace 🙂

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  1. Hi…This method of eating is what I follow just because it suits me but it was interesting to read that I seem to have got the times right as I never eat before 11.30 am or after 8 pm …Nice informative post 🙂

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