What a Beautiful Day

Count your blessings everyday...

The fact you are alive today, your breathing and you can read and write wow thats a blessing lol. 

You may enjoy the freedom to going for a walk on the beach, around the lake or around the block... the fact that you can walk at all, that in itself is a blessing some don't enjoy.

Having coffee with friends... having friends, going  to the gym, learning a new language, meeting new people...we have so much to be grateful for but sometimes life gets in the way...

Do you take time to smell the roses, smile often say hi to a random stranger volunteer to help your community or more importantly your family.

Ist a beautiful day in sunny NZ (New Zealand) the sun is shining, the air is fresh, the people are friendly...

Some are mowing their lawns, some are outside enjoying the sunshine having a picnic and living life, others(like me and the kids) are walking around the lake, chillin at the park... what an Orsum day... life is good, and at times we forget how fortunate here in this beautiful country.

Don't forget to appreciate you loved ones and the simple things in life.

Me "Come on kids lets go for a walk around the lake it's a beautiful day"

Kid 1 " aw dad i haven't finished my game...

Kid 2 " and I'm next he's been on for ages... he's trash..

Kid 3 " your trash... it's toooo far...

Me " get of that bloody game...get in the bloody car...we are going to have some bloody quality family bonding time NOW!:)... hey should we pick up your cuzzie?...no reply.

Silence all the way...kids aye...hehe.

Any way after all the dramas they did enjoy themselves, fresh air... sun on their face... cool breeze...playing at the park...walking around the lake in the real world (hehehe). 

Its often the simple things in life that make life enjoyable, and I will cherish these moments forever, like I said my life is amazing.

I love my kids, I love my life, life is Good.

Have a great day...peace.

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