The Power of Your Imagination.

Let Take a Journey Back in Time to Your Imagination

Remember when you were a child and your imagination was alive, exciting, vibrant and limitless?

The possibilities were endless you could travel to the stars in a cardboard box,

A simple cardboard box could become anything you could possibly imagine, a racing car, the starship enterprise, a castle, anything!

You could build castles in the sky, touch the stars, hold the moon in your hand.

What happen? Is your imagination broken? Is it something reserved only for the mind of a child?

No! We became adults and in the pursuit of happiness we made our lives hard, complicated and at times overwhelming.

And through the harsh realities of life, we lost faith, our hopes begin to fade, our beliefs become frazzled, and our dreams got stored away and we stopped using our powerful imagination.

Our negative environment, upbringing and life experiences have crushed our ability to dream creatively and at times broken our spirits of the inner child, the dreamer within.

What was once so easy, fun, real, and alive in the mind of our once youthful imagination became pipe dreams, a delusional reality reserved only for the dreamers of the world.

Where do dreams go?

In the graveyard of the human soul that has lost all hope and has given up the right to dream.

I like what Dan Lok said in his book FUMoney…

“When you are born you are delivered by a broke nurse, passed into the hands of your broke parents (unless your Hilton or a Trump) educated by broke teachers, go to Uni and taught by broke professors blah blah blah…”

No wonder your imagination is broke…lol.

I know that’s not what he meant, but I thought it was fitting.

Dare to Dream.

Stop… look around…what do you see?

Everything you see today…everything began as an idea, this idea gave birth to a dream.

Dreamers are the architects of the world…

“I have a Dream”…MLK

“We will be the first on the moon”…JFK

“It’s a phone, plays music, it’s a camera”…Jobs

From Edison to Bell..Marconi to Tesla.. Walt Disney to Bugsy Malone Jobs and Zuckerberg all achieve greatness by doing what they were told could not be done…dreamers for sure!!

Look at what Elon Musk and Sir Richard Branson, are up to!

Not only were / are they dreamers the also had a stubborn belief in their dreams. 

What dreams have you buried?…What ideas are you selfishly keeping to yourself? What fears are you allowing to rule over you? What is holding you back from allowing your brilliance to shine? What is stopping you from achieving greatness?

How can you reactivate our imagination?

Simple just use it… just like go to the gym you start light then work your way up.

Remember daydreaming, we all do it even as adults, but we tend to daydream about the end of the work day, the weekend, that next holiday…

When you start using it again properly, you may remember how much fun it can be, and how powerful your imagination is and hopefully you will begin to understand that…  

There is no greater tool available to you that can influence the realization of your dreams, and when you combine this with empowering self-talk…Boom!

The active conscious use of your imagination is the gateway of your new reality, it is a  way to fuel your desire, a portal to the reality you hold in your mind.

Once you realize how powerful your imagination is you will begin to understand there is no greater tool available to you that can directly influence the realization of your dreams.

With your imagination you can visualize a better future, better health and more wealth, whatever your heart desires.

“Your imagination is your divine vision of your future” 

If you are not happy with you current situation employ your imagination, change your inner conversation, and strengthen it with emotional intensity!

“It’s Possible” Les Brown

Have an Orsum Life…Marty


Attitude and The 3 Little Pigs?

Attitude is one of the most important word in our language… the magic word that determines your lot in life.

Countless studies show that it is your attitude toward life that determines your level of success in life.

The number one thing that shapes your life and mould’s your thinking is your attitude.

Your attitude toward life…your attitude toward learning…you attitude toward taking action…yourself…change…success,.

Every aspect of your life is a direct result of you attitude toward your life.

Take the 3 Little Piggies, they new if they didn’t take action the Big Bad Wolf would be eating well tonight. 

They had a sense of urgency, they knew that if they didn’t get to work they would get eaten. So they went to work and did what need to be done…good attitude.

One built a house of straw… the other sticks… the last of bricks, what would have happened if they had a lay back attitude? Well I think you know…roast anyone?

What was the first step?… they were taught or learnt how to build a house.

What is your attitude toward learning?

Do you love learning new things or is yours the attitude that… you can’t teach an old dog and new trick…or you can lead a horse but the dumbass  won’t drink… or do you just hate it!

The 3 little piggies did what they had to do and learnt what they needed to learn  in order to survive, are you learning what you need in order to thrive …or are you doing what you need to do just to survive?

We are the only creature on the planet that can change our lot in life..a rose will always be a rose…a tree can be  a tree…but we have the ability and potential to do so much more.

Is your attitude toward learning what you need to learn in order to achieve what you want to achieve one of… Woohoo or is it more like meh… whatever.

Is your attitude like the straw house that crumbles when challangess arrive and leave you vulnerable?

What is your attitude toward taking action?

I’ll do it later (yip guilty), procrastination ain’t the thief of time its the thief of life,

Why do we do this? Is it because we are lazy? To a degree yes

But the simple truth is that our fears at times old us back from doing what we know we should do…fear of success…fear of failure…fear of loss…fear of pain. Our fearful attitude!

The 3 little piggies used fear as a motivator, they didn’t have to think about they just did it, their attitude was good, act or be eaten. 

What we accomplish or fail to accomplish is largely due to our attitude, change your attitude change your actions.

What is your attitude toward failure?

If you haven’t figured it out by now…each house represents a different attitude, and the big bad wolf represents life’s problems and challenges. 

The straw shack is a weak attitude, the big bad wolf comes along and sneezes and blows up your weak as house down.

What did Tom  do?  (the pig) did he stand there waiting to get munched on?… Hell No he got the hell outta there ran to his brothers Dicks house (the other pig). 

This stick house is an alright attitude, but BBW comes along huffs and puffs and Boom blows your house up, Tom and Dick don’t wait around they are action takers, they off to Harry’s Crib (big brother pig).

Harry’s crib the brick house is a solid… strong…positive attitude that can withstand the slings and arrow and the huffs and puffs that of the Big Bad Wolf (life’s up and downs)

Each successive fail lead to a new opportunity and each step strengthened each others resolve showing the willingness to change…to take action the ability to adapt, this is a reflection of each piggies attitude.

Failure is not the end it is only the beginning, it’s your attitude toward failure and how you cope with life’s constant challenges that will determine your destiny.

What is your attitude toward success?

Your current circumstances is a reflection of your attitude, if you want to change your life change your attitude.

Tom Dick and Harry learned through trial and error that the only way to make it in this world is with help.

You can have the best attitude in the world, but you can only make it so far alone

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The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

The Power of Your Subconscious

Why is the subconscious mind?

It is the subjective part of your mind that accepts as truth whatever you tell it.

Mama said…”life is like a box of chocolates”…Forrest Gump.

Just like Forrest’s famous words “Mama said” we have been programed by those we hold dearest, people we love, trust and respect the most, and more than likely we defend our beliefs with a vengeance.

As a result your subconscious or subjective mind has deeply entrenched programming and conditioning that becomes an intricate part of your reality a part of your personality.

Your Family… Friends… Teachers… Preaches whoever, have played a major part in moulding your belief system.

They install their beliefs and ideologies into your subconscious mind…which is much like installing an operating system or program on to your computer , the issue is you have downloaded their operating system and their instructions and their interpretation of reality into your mind.

Which means anytime you try something new or try to install a new program… chances are your internal programing is blocking you from running this new operating system.

Everything you are taught gets stored into your subconscious mind by default, their beliefs become your beliefs…their ideologies become yours, kinda like a clone… you clone their beliefs, you adopt their ideologies.

And if their views are not in alinement with the goals you are trying to achieve…

You will fail and you will revert back to your pre-programed conditioning or the dominant force actuating your mind (your old programming). 

The thing is we didn’t choose our programing and it may not have been intentional or malicious, we were young and impressionable.

But your not a child anymore, you can’t use that excuse any more.

Mama said…”sometimes to move forward you have to leave the past behind”…Forrest 

The good news is you can change your programming…Ctrl…Alt and Del then Insert

Ctrl = Control

Our subconscious mind is so powerful, it holds the keys to the kingdom, it is an obedient slave and will believe whatever you command it to believe…

Control what you feed your mind.

Today we are drowning in information and starved for wisdom.

With the rise of social media we are constantly bombarded with information, from facebook to instagram… youtube to google…

But is this information related to what you are trying to achieve, will it help or hinder your progress?

What you watch read or hear over time seeps into your subconscious mind and becomes your reality, this is why it is so important to control what watch read and who you hang out with.

Be careful what you allow into your mind, who you listen to what you read what you watch otherwise you get conflicting information that cause unnecessary overload. 

Be the Guardian at the gates of your mind…


Our subconscious mind is so powerful, it holds the keys to the kingdom, it is an obedient slave and will  do whatever you command it to do…

Altering your perception, will change your reality.

How? How do change your perception?

One  way to alter your internal programming is by inputting your own commands and easiest and most effective way is self-talk.

We all talk to ourselves all the time on a subconscious level anyway weather your driving walking or working.

So why not control what you say to yourself…what you say to yourself over and over again with enough emotional intensity will alter your programming and update your operating system.

Say it out loud or in your mind either way do what you feel comfortable with…warning some people might think your nuts… lol but who cares what people think.

Affirmations…Incantations or Prayers stated it in the present tense with enough emotional intensity..I am… I will… I must, will alter your subconscious mind.


Your subconscious mind is so powerful, it holds the keys to the kingdom, it is an obedient slave and will  believe whatever you command it to believe…

You know that not all we were taught is wrong or out of date, somethings we know are timeless principles.

Like the golden rule ” do unto others as you would have them do unto you” translation…treat others how you want to be treated.

Well Mama said…”sometimes we do things that don’t make no sense”

Ain’t that the truth. at times we do things that don’t make no sense and we believe things that no longer make no sense.

You need to identify limiting beliefs that no longer serve you like… I’m too old or I’m too young or I’m too fat or your too fugly…lol identify whatever it is that’s holding you back.

It will be such a relief once you identify the source and let it go, it like a heavy weight you have been carrying around for years is suddenly gone.

Identify it… delete it and replace it, because if you don’t replace it, the vacuum you’ve created will be filled with something else by default. 


My subconscious mind is so powerful, it holds the keys to the kingdom, it is an obedient slave and will  believe whatever you command it to believe…

There are so many tools available today that can help you reprogram yourself.

Self-talk… affirmations… incantations…the gift of prayer…these give you the ability to replace limiting beliefs in your subconscious.

Visualization…the power to see with your mind’s eye what is possible.

The Law of Vibration…the primary law behind the law of attraction.

Meditation…the ability to clear your mind and contemplate your life’s purpose and relax your whole being.

Finally developing the attitude of gratitude…be grateful for what you already have.

These are the tools I use everyday to maintain and update my subconscious mind. They are not my teachings nor are new… but are timeless and they work.

Relax and take the time to enjoy the exercise and have fun doing it and once again repetition is the key.

Million of people today live lives of quiet desperation not know they hold the key within them to make massive changes in their lives.

“I believe you have greatness in you…but only you can bring it forth”


Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone

Did you know that you are the only one who sets your comfort zone, the boundaries that make you feel safe and secure?

So, you are the only one who can remove these boundaries and step out of the comfortable zone you created so long ago.

When it comes to trying something new and setting new goals, you have to stretch past what is comfortable, familiar and safe to see what you are really made of.

What is it?

Your comfort zone is a mental boundary set by you to keep yourself feeling safe and secure, but the reality is there is no such thing, it’s an illusion, you’re afraid and that’s normal. 

( sorry there is a place you can be safe and secure…its called prison in isolation ) 

When you begin to reach beyond your comfort zone, you may start to have feelings of anxiety, doubt, and fear, maybe even overwhelm are you a pussy?

No! Fear is a protective mechanism in your mind that protects you from harm or danger.

“We fear what we do not understand”

But if you don’t try, you’ll be stuck  where you are in your nice safe life, doing the same old same and never doing or accomplishing anything you really want to.

So, your comfort zone becomes like a self inflicted prison that prevents you doing what you want to do and stops you from achieving your goals and dreams. 

Why Even Try

There are many benefits for those who decide to stretch beyond their self inflicted boundaries and dare to face the unknown.

First of all you conquer your fears…

Create a new empowering habit for life.

Get more enjoyment and fulfillment from life 

Enjoy new experiences meet new people. 

Learn new things and as a result you grow.

Boosts brain activity and mental health.   

Builds up your resiliency.

Can help prevents depression. 

And challenges you to see just how much you really can do and so much more…

You’ll never reach those big goals and dreams or make the most of your life if you’re afraid to try new things.

Stretch past your comfort zone, forces yourself to go beyond your limits.

Don’t allow yourself to be stuck in a situation that is not fulfilling your wants and needs. 

You are capable of so much more… stretch your boundaries and see how far you can go.

Peace… Marty

More Addictive Than Cocaine…Cheaper Than Crack

The secret ingredient adding fat to your body

Do you remember the big stink in the U.S. a few years back surrounding McDonald’s and their food, most notably French fries? It was the big trans-fat scare!

That’s right, we were being poisoned by the evil clown with deadly fat and something had to be done! Yeah, because we’re not adults or anything…

So the government stepped in and the burger giant was forced to change their frying oil. On the surface of it, it’s nice of good old Uncle Sam to take care of us right?

To watch out for we, the ignorant masses, and make sure that when we’re shoving super-sized fries into our feed holes that they’re not entirely unhealthy!

Okay… but do you know that despite the choice you make to visit Mickey Dee’s, there is in fact something found in virtually every can, box or bag of food in the grocery aisle that’s incredibly addictive, almost immediately turns to fat when you eat it and is one of the leading causes of most of the ailments we suffer today?

So what is this killer, which is not only ignored by the government but actually supported by it?

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Personal Development

Personal Development.

First of all its personal you own it, second you are developing something inside you that already exists…transforming a certain area in your life, an area you want to change improve or growing, while becoming a better at person on the way.

It means investing Your time and Your energy into Your life!

You have come to a point in your life when you are no longer satisfied… you’ve had it…that’s it I’m over this crap…I’m Going To Change…I Want To Change…I Will Change!!!

If it’s to be it’s up to ME!!!

It means that you are ready to take responsibility for your life, own it!

You are ready to be responsible for your own Health Wealth and Happiness.

It means you’re ready to take charge of your life be proactive and take action! instead of being a spectator on the sideline watching your life flow by. 

Contrary to popular belief you only get one shot at life (my opinion) , why risk or waste it  like the masses who leave it up to chance like the ebbs and flow of the stream, or the go with the flow mentality like a ship without a rudder or a destination eventually you will end up ship wrecked on the rocks of life wondering what the hell went wrong?

You Make The Decision  

You must decide to design your own life, creating your own destiny, walking your own path.

“It’s the decision we make that determine your destiny” Tony Robbins

You want to create a plan unique to you… you know yourself better than anyone else.

Start a journal or create a checklist to help you keep track of your progress.

Here’s an sample checklist:

Health—what changes do you need to make?

Mental –what can you do to increase your knowledge/ intelligence?

Emotions—how to reduce stress and manage emotional states?

Spiritual—consider meditation or your own spiritual journey

Financial–how much do you need to be set for life?

So, after you’ve done this create a plan and maybe a checklist.

Be specific, set small goals, set deadlines, be flexible 

Like anything new it takes earnest effort… persistence… resilience to effect lasting change, and heaps of research teaches us that it takes 21 day to install a new habit so Don’t Give Up!

Study at The Feet of a Master.

When Bruce Lee ( one of the best martial artist ever ) was young he studied at the feet of at The Master (Ipman).

Million of people today study at the feet of the master of personal change…

Tony Robbins… many successful people still consult with him today…Why?… because he’s a Master in this arena.

Tony has technologies and techniques that can change a person in an instant… he defied conventional NLP practitioners from day one and has decades of proof under his belt…love him or hate there’s no denying he know his stuff. 

Personal development or growth is an ongoing process its continuous never stops, you can never know everything, so the more you learn the more you grow.

What are the benefits? 

Once you develop a routine and integrate into your life you may experience :

A Life with More Meaning and Purpose

A Sense of Accomplishment

A Happier / Healthier You

An Attitude of Gratitude 

More Self-confidence

More Self-belief

More Focused

More Balanced

More Possibilities 

And Peace of Mind

There are so many more positive advantages of developing you…you will notice these these changes in yourself after you start your journey down the road to personal development. invest in yourself, its time well spent!

Intermittent Fasting

What is Intermittent Fasting

Well the first I heard about this is when after a conversation with a couple who have been doing this for a while, the same couple that told me about that program on Netflix…What the Health (ewww).

I told them I’d been doing the  lifestyle change thing too.

The Diet ( what I thought were the right foods )

The Exercise (3-5 times a week)

The Right Amount of Sleep (I’m insomniac which is a challenge)

The Motivation (Reading motivational stuff and maintaining a positive mental attitude)

The Visualisation and Meditation…

But I was still lacking energy…Why?

They explained that it’s not just what you eat that’s important… it’s when you eat that actually affect your bodies ability to function properly.

You don’t have to change what you eat, (unless you have watched What The Health on netflix) but its the time you are eating that makes all the difference. You don’t have to count calories or going crazy on the latest diet. Intermittent fasting even allows you to eat bigger meals but within a shorter time frame.

Really?… fascinating…interesting…tell me more, so I asked them heaps of question.

Basically there’s three 8 hour periods…One for Detoxification, One for Digestion and One for Nutrition Assimilation.

Eating only during the digestion period is the key.

So after a bit of research this is what I found, that for thousands of years different cultures have only eaten at specific times of the day for optimal health, which is known as… Intermittent fasting.

This is also one of the latest crazes amongst bodybuilders and athletes at the moment, because it allows you to lose a lot of fat whilst keeping strong because it’s a process that allows you to maintain or even build muscle.

Wow that’s crazy right… building muscle while fasting really? the losing weight make sense… but the building muscle and keeping strong? hmm interesting…

The Three Period of Intermittent Fasting

Fasting Period 1 – Detoxification: 4am to 12 noon

This is the best time for your body to be in detox mode.

It is recommended that during this period stick to drinking water. I recommend Kangen Water it the best.

Fasting Period 2 – Digestion: 12 noon to 8pm

This period is suggested to be the best time for our body to break down the foods we eat preparing it for absorption.

Fasting Period 3 – Absorption: 8pm to 4am

This is when the digestive system wants to absorb vital nutrients into your body.

We are a complex biological system, (which I will not be getting it) and in order to look after our bodies long term we need to understand how it works…when it works… and how to work in harmony with our body to improve our health and extent our longevity.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, for a more indepth look into to benefits of intermittent fasting… check out the link below, and if you do it was nice knowing yah haha this dude is awesome…

>>>Checkout this dude right here…it’s not an affiliate link its a must see…

>>>If your still reading check his video in youtube right here

Thanks for reading …have a great day…Peace 🙂

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What The Health?

​​​​​What the Hellth?

Why are we and our loved ones suffering unnecessarily from diabetes, heart disease and other health related problems?

Why is this global epidemic on the rise? 

Why are our loved ones going to the gave so early?

Well I was talking to a couple of friends the other day, they had recently gone vegan ( all plant diet which I thought was nuts at the time ), I was telling them I doing all the right things…watching what I eat (diet) exercising regular (2-3 times a week + walking) getting heaps of sleep, but I am lacking energy. 

They started to tell me the benefits and the energy boost they have experienced since the lifestyle change from meat to vegan and why they change.

They told me about this program on Netflix called What the Health​, so after they left I watched it.


If You haven’t seen it yet…aweee, I could believe this Sh@t.

It has put me off meat and chicken for life, I tried showing my children but they couldn’t handle it either, what the…

Look>>> GO WATCH IT NOW!!!>>>What the Health on Netflix

This is why we are losing loved ones unnecessarily so early and so many, why it is a global epidemic unique to (O.M.E) Our Modern Era it is a modern disease.

What we are eating is killing us, if you love conspiracy theories you’ll love this.

It is a matter of Life and Death…, Your life… Your death… Your Families life…it Your Responsibility educate yourself.

This program shooked me to the core, I love my meats and chicken and I know its gonna take time to make the change, but I’m worth it… my family is worth… You are worth it!

Please…please… pretty please check it out.

Warning…not for the faint of heart…do not watch while eating…watch it before you show your children…it pretty gross in some areas but pact full of info that blew me away.

I haven’t quoted any facts or figures or organization or anything so that you will go and check it out for yourself…you check it out…you decide.

“The decisions we make ultimately determine our destiny”Tony Robbins