Attitude and The 3 Little Pigs?

Attitude is one of the most important word in our language… the magic word that determines your lot in life.

Countless studies show that it is your attitude toward life that determines your level of success in life.

The number one thing that shapes your life and mould’s your thinking is your attitude.

Your attitude toward life…your attitude toward learning…you attitude toward taking action…yourself…change…success,.

Every aspect of your life is a direct result of you attitude toward your life.

Take the 3 Little Piggies, they new if they didn’t take action the Big Bad Wolf would be eating well tonight. 

They had a sense of urgency, they knew that if they didn’t get to work they would get eaten. So they went to work and did what need to be done…good attitude.

One built a house of straw… the other sticks… the last of bricks, what would have happened if they had a lay back attitude? Well I think you know…roast anyone?

What was the first step?… they were taught or learnt how to build a house.

What is your attitude toward learning?

Do you love learning new things or is yours the attitude that… you can’t teach an old dog and new trick…or you can lead a horse but the dumbass  won’t drink… or do you just hate it!

The 3 little piggies did what they had to do and learnt what they needed to learn  in order to survive, are you learning what you need in order to thrive …or are you doing what you need to do just to survive?

We are the only creature on the planet that can change our lot in life..a rose will always be a rose…a tree can be  a tree…but we have the ability and potential to do so much more.

Is your attitude toward learning what you need to learn in order to achieve what you want to achieve one of… Woohoo or is it more like meh… whatever.

Is your attitude like the straw house that crumbles when challangess arrive and leave you vulnerable?

What is your attitude toward taking action?

I’ll do it later (yip guilty), procrastination ain’t the thief of time its the thief of life,

Why do we do this? Is it because we are lazy? To a degree yes

But the simple truth is that our fears at times old us back from doing what we know we should do…fear of success…fear of failure…fear of loss…fear of pain. Our fearful attitude!

The 3 little piggies used fear as a motivator, they didn’t have to think about they just did it, their attitude was good, act or be eaten. 

What we accomplish or fail to accomplish is largely due to our attitude, change your attitude change your actions.

What is your attitude toward failure?

If you haven’t figured it out by now…each house represents a different attitude, and the big bad wolf represents life’s problems and challenges. 

The straw shack is a weak attitude, the big bad wolf comes along and sneezes and blows up your weak as house down.

What did Tom  do?  (the pig) did he stand there waiting to get munched on?… Hell No he got the hell outta there ran to his brothers Dicks house (the other pig). 

This stick house is an alright attitude, but BBW comes along huffs and puffs and Boom blows your house up, Tom and Dick don’t wait around they are action takers, they off to Harry’s Crib (big brother pig).

Harry’s crib the brick house is a solid… strong…positive attitude that can withstand the slings and arrow and the huffs and puffs that of the Big Bad Wolf (life’s up and downs)

Each successive fail lead to a new opportunity and each step strengthened each others resolve showing the willingness to change…to take action the ability to adapt, this is a reflection of each piggies attitude.

Failure is not the end it is only the beginning, it’s your attitude toward failure and how you cope with life’s constant challenges that will determine your destiny.

What is your attitude toward success?

Your current circumstances is a reflection of your attitude, if you want to change your life change your attitude.

Tom Dick and Harry learned through trial and error that the only way to make it in this world is with help.

You can have the best attitude in the world, but you can only make it so far alone

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