90 Day Challenge

90 Day Challenge

For the next 90 day’s I will attempting to post daily to improve my skill’s and confidence as blogger/writer.

I follow a dude on YouTube…Miles Beckler who helped me build my site step by step, form the foundation basic’s how to set up a wordpress site right through to how to build a member’s area.

Miles teaches you what tools you need how to install these tool and how to use them all for FREE the value he provides is Awesome. He is also very transparent, he make’s it clear for the start that each link is an affiliate link and he get’s paid if you use his link”s.

I Highly Recommend you check out his YouTube channel below

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Any ways back to the story, I thought Miles was another one of them guru’s that promises you the moon and gives you a lot of hot air, so I by passed his affiliate link and went about setting up my site directly thought the service providers…yes I know it sounds bad but hey I was sick and tired of investing my hard earned cash with so called experts that wanna get you and me on their list the promote promote promote the next best thing without providing real value.

Don’t get me wrong I never said Wasted my money I have definitely learned Heaps on my journey, and I Love email marketing, and I have learnt a high income skill on the way (Dan Lok).

I was just a bit cautions skeptical you know once bitten blah blah blah..

Well I was wrong…so wrong…so so wrong.

I felt so guilty cause he taught me soooo much in a short period of time for FREE and I didn’t use his link’s…bummer.

But wait I am redeemed…Miles has launched a membership areas program which I happily joined without hesitation… whew no more guilt trip lol…

Why did I join His program? Why do we listen to anyone?

Simple…We Know… Like and Trust Them!

After getting to know Miles I came to realize he was the real mccoy.

I don’t know you, you don’t know me, it ain’t an affiliate link I don’t get jack, just check him out and make your decision.

>>>DIY Sales Funnel- Save Up To $3236 Per Year With This Funnel Hack Vs. Overpriced Click Funnels<<<

You may be asking what the hell has this got to do with the 90 day challenge? or not…

Well as part of his program (the free one above) Miles challenge’s his student’s to post continuously for 90 day.. it help increase your skill’s improve your writing increases your confidence and develop a new pattern of behaviour.

Heap’s of Research show’s that it takes 21 days to form a new habit… so all I have to do is reach that 21 day mark… then reinforce my new habit with massive action (Tony Robbins) and Boom new habit.

I’ve done it before with my attitude I can do it again…so can you! 

90 Day Challenge… Lifetime Habit!

Peace…Have a Great Day


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