80 / 20 Principle

The 80/20 Weight-Loss Theory

80/20 Weight Loss Theory Based on Pareto’s Principles or the Principle of Less Effort. This states that 80% of our results come from 20% of our efforts!

 Achieving More Weight Loss With Less…

In 1897 Vilfredo Pareto an Italian Economist who studied Wealth and Income distribution discovered that 20% of the population controlled and owned 80% of the Wealth and Income!

Today modern researchers are applying this principle to many other fields, but the go to guy today is…Richard Koch the author of the book The 80/20 Principle he gives us an Insightful and Practical application of this principle in his Book, which is full of ideas on how you can apply this principle in all areas of your life from your Business Relationships Health Wealth and Personal Growth.

Koch say’s…”20% of what we do leads to 80% of the results…but 80% of what we do leads to only 20%.. we are wasting 80% of our time”… on things that don’t really matter.

“Calm down work less target a number of very targeted goals where the 80/20 principle will work for you”…Koch

How can you focus your time and energy on the activities that give you the most results? Find the 20% of the stuff that’s working and do more of that Now it can help you identify your true calling and unveil the artist within and prepare you for your hero’s journey and yes reveal the real you!

Well, you maybe asking what the Hell has an Economist and a Very Successful Consultant / Author have to do with Weight Management?

Think about it…We are bombarded with Sooo much conflicting information about Diet’s and Exercise.

Why Not 80/20 Both!

The Truth is… 20% of our healthy eating habit’s produce 80% of our health improvement’s. The same is true with our exercise habit’s 20% of our regular exercise account for 80% of our physical well being… so focus on the basic’s that 20% that will give you 80% of health gains.


Rule 1 – Know What You Want.

Rule 2 – What’s Easy For You?

Rule 3 – 80/20 Is All About Focusing Your Energy

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