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We are all different and have different goals dreams wants and needs, but at the core of our being we all want the same thing... to feel good and be happy. 

In order to effect lasting change in your life, you must learn to love yourself for who you are today.

Focusing on the pass has been proven to be a major contributor to depression, worrying about the future causes anxiety, the trick is to live in the present and learn to be grateful for the life you have now. 

Our external reality is a reflection of our internal beliefs, beliefs we inherited and absorbed form our life's experience's some of them are true some are a flat out lie and these can be very dangerous to you. 

Your mind is a powerful tool...You are who you are today because of current conditioning or your programming, your programming created your beliefs, your beliefs create your attitude, your attitude determine how you feel, how you feel influences your behavior and your behavior determines your actions and your actions affect your life.

I am a great believer that any and all success begins in your mind,  its about shedding the unwanted weight in your mind before shedding the unwanted pounds on your body.

The first step is to identify the mental emotional baggage that is weighing you down... this will be the hardest weight to lose...your limiting beliefs.

Your beliefs are a record of the pass, experiences related to the pass have an emotional charge,  your thoughts are the language of your mind and your feelings are the language of your body so how you think and feel creates your state of being.

The old adage "you can't teach an old dog new tricks"...well that is true but... You Are Not A Dog...

Your old beliefs are not set in stone, with the wealth of information available, ignorance is a choice. 

Today with the break through in Neuroscience  Epigenetics and Quantum Physics we have amazing individuals showing us how to rewire the brain, recondition the body, and to harness the body's energy to heal that some next level out of the matrix personal empowerment to the next level. 

Teaching us the how to "put on the new personality" it is said that your personality creates your reality, so in order to change your reality you need to change your personality and this begins from within.

Chaos precedes order and anytime changes are made to long held beliefs  and habits resistance and turmoil is sure to follow.

Be persistent, weed out fears and doubts, plant positive thoughts in faith, water them with empowering affirmations, bathe them in the sunshine of visualization and raise your energy level  with the power of love gratitude and in time you will evolve into a better version of yourself.

When your mind, body, and spirit achieve perfect synchronize coherence then your world will never be the same, you will be able to manifest anything into your reality.

Remember you are are special and you are one a original masterpiece, there has never been...will never be...can never be anyone quite like you and you are capable of unimaginable wonders. 

You were born an original...don't die a copy!


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