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You can change

We are all Unique and have different goals dreams and aspirations, but at the core of our very being we all want the same thing… to feel needed…to make a difference and be loved. 

If you want to make a difference in the world, if you want lasting change in your life, if you want to help heal the world, you must love yourself, you must first heal yourself, you must first look within. 

Our external reality is a reflection of our internal beliefs, beliefs we inherited and absorbed form our environment, life’s experience’s and the people we hangout with. Some of them are true and serve us well other not so much and these limiting beliefs can be holding you back. 

Our mind is a powerful tool…It can make you healthy, wealthy and happy or it can make you ill, struggle and depressed. 

We are who we are today because of our past conditioning, or programming, this created our beliefs, our beliefs mold our attitude, and our attitude determine how we feel, how we feel influences our behavior and because how we feel is an emotion, our emotions are a record of the pass, so how we response or reaction is based our emotional pass, this explains why we tended to react to situations the same way over and over again. It has become a habit.

So our beliefs and all these other factors influence our habits, all these pieces of the puzzle help shape our personality, and it is said that “our personality creates our reality”

Yip…that’s exactly what I thought when I first read that…Wow

I have always believed that any and all success begins in your mind,  its about shedding the unwanted weight in your mind before focusing on the body, the new neuroscience call it pruning the old thoughts and rewiring a mind, fascinating stuff.

Your beliefs are a record of the pass, experiences related to the pass have an emotional charge,  your thoughts are the language of your mind and your feelings are the language of your body so how you think and feel creates your state of being.

The old adage “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”…well that is true but… You Are Not A Dog…Lol

Your old beliefs are not set in stone, with the wealth of information available today, ignorance is a choice. 

Today we have major break throughs in the New Sciences Neuroscience Epigenetics and Quantum Physics the Unified Field.

We have amazing individuals who have studied these fields for decades now begin accepted by main stream science (kinda) showing us how to rewire the brain, recondition the body, and to harness the body’s energy to heal itself…now that some next level out of the matrix personal empowerment beep.

Chaos precedes order and anytime changes are made to long held beliefs  and habits resistance and turmoil is guaranteed to follow.

Be persistent, weed out the fears and doubts, be around uplifting and encouraging people, plant positive thoughts in your mind, have faith and believe in yourself, empower your mind with affirmations, design the life you want, produce the movie in your mind, You are the Star, and focus on raising your energy levels, be grateful help others and you will become the person you are born to be.

When your mind, body, and spirit achieve perfect flow your world will never be the same, you will be able to achieve anything…Health Wealth and Whatever the Hell You Want.

Remember this You are Unique…You are Special, You are One a Kind…an Original Masterpiece, there has never been…will never be…can never be anyone quite like you and you are capable of unimaginable wonders. 

You Are Born an Original…don’t die a copy!


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